A Young Muslim&#39s Guide to the Modern World


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AUTHOR: Seyyed Hossein Nasr

BINDING: Paperback

PAGES: 268


A brilliant work that challenges the young Muslims of today to understand and respond to, rather than adopt, the secularist-inspired intellectual landscape of the modern world.  Nasr's book is a road map to that landscape beginning with an overview of the Islamic message – an explanation of the Qur'anic revelation, humanity's relationship with Allah, the shariah, Islamic sciences and spirituality.  Secondly, the book describes the development of religion, politics, art and social values in the modern West – advising young Muslims to become occidentalists rather than always the subjects of orientalists.  In each section the book introduces important personalities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, whose ideas have shaped the modern world.  The book concludes by outlining the road ahead for young Muslims to become leaders in the modern world while remaining ever faithful servants of Allah.

Through Muslim 'maps' of the modern 'intellectual' landscape, the author challenges two fronts: young Muslims to become familiar with their religion and cultural roots and to gain an understanding of the modern world from the Islamic point of view. This guide for the Muslim to the modern world, the first of its kind in any language, presents the eternal truths of Islam as well as Western religious and intellectual tradition as they confront each other in today's world. The Islamic perspective is so unique that NPR (National Public Radio)'s Robert Siegel discussed the work with the author on the All Things Considered program.

Table of Contents:

Part I – The Message of Islam
1. Islam, The Noble Quran and Hadith
2. God, Man and the Universe – Questions or Eschatology
3. The Shari'ah
4. Islamic Spirituality and Thought
5. Islamic Science
6. Lieterature and the Arts
7. The Islamic World in the Modern Times

Part II – The Nature of the Modern World
8. Religion in the Modern West
9. Modern Wester Philosophy and Schools of Thought
10. Modern Science and Technology
11. Political, Social and Economic Life of the Modern World
12. Moder Education – Its History, Theories and Philosophies
13. Art ithe Modern West
14. The Modern Lifestyle

Part III – Epilogue: Responding to Modern Challenges
15. The Young Muslim and the Islamic Response to the Modern World


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