Ahmed Deedat Best Selection 3 of 4


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Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – Man With Mission, Best Selection 3 of 4
8 DVDs, 21 Titles, 2 Debates, 19 Lectures


1 )
Was Christ Crucified? (Canada)
Is Jesus God? (Denmark)

Lectures, Question & Answers:

2 )
Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh) – a comparative study
Islam and Christianity (Pakistan)

3 )
Islam's answer to the Popes "Pious" pronouncements
Debate with American Soldiers

4 )
Combat Kit Course at the IPCI Durban
Combat Kit Course in Nairobi

5 )
Sequel to the Quran or the Bible; which is God's word?
Jesus (pbuh) Man, Myth or God?

6 )
Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam
Christianity, Judaism or Islam – which has the Solution to the World's Problem?

7 )
Islam and Christianity (Symposium)
SABC TV Debate
Islam in Africa (Abu Dhabi)

8 )
Short Talks on Middle East TV, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Series
The Message of Truth (Malaysia)
Justice and Equality


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