Ahmed Deedat Best Selection 4 of 4


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This DVD set consists of 8 DVDs 

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – Man With Mission, Best Selection 4 of 4
8 DVDs, 20 Titles, 1 Debate, 19 Lectures

1 )
Deedat's Encounter with Christian Missionaries (Debate)
Islam and other Religion
Al Quran and the computer

2 )
The Quran or The Bible
Preview of UK Debates (S.A)

3 )
Man-GOD relationship
In The UAE Spotlight
Pre-Khutbah Talk

4 )
Jesus )PBUH) Beloved Prophet Of Islam
Sequel to the Quran or the Bible which is GOD's word?
Missionaries inroads (Maldives)

5 )
Muhammad (PBUH) The Greatest
Muhammad (PBUH) The Natural Successor to Christ (PBUH)

6 )
Christianity and Islam (Geneva)
At FOSIS (23rd Annual Winter Gathering)
Justice and Equality

7 )
Kenyan Lecture Tour:
At Masjid Noor
At Jamia Mosque

8 )
Kenyan Lecture Tour: At Sir Ali
Muslim Club, Christ in Islam
Combat Kit Course


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