Ar Risalat Ut Tabukiyyah


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PUBLISHER: Al-Kitab & as Sunnah Publishing

AUTHOR: Ibn ul Qayyim

TRANSLATOR: Muhammad Al-Jibaly

BINDING: Paperback – excellent

PAGES: 110

This book is instumental in explaining the true methodology of adherence to Allaah's(swt) Book, His Messenger's Sunnah, and the Guidance of the sahaabah.

True to his well-known insightful approach in delving into the texts, Ibn ul-Qayyim starts by explaining the qualities of righteousness and piety that are required from everyone, both in practice and in dawah. He then proceeds to describe the true meaning of migration to Allaah(swt) and His Messenger, discussing in the process full submission to the Messenger's Sunnah as an integral requirement of eemaan. He then goes on to deliberate on the situations of true misery and true happiness.

Toward the end, he stipulates the requirements of the Journey of Migration, presenting along the way some very important insights for sound comprehension of the Quraan.

In addition to its valuable methodological coverage, this book is very touching in its address to the soul and heart. This is characteristic that you rarely find in writings of other authors.


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