Critical Lives – Muhammad


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PUBLISHER: Alpha Books (Penguin) AUTHOR: Yahiya Emerick BINDING: Excellent PAGES QUALITY: 330 pages excellent quality DESCRIPTION: Muhammad was a religious visionary and political leader. Raised in the harsh Arabian Peninsula and orphaned while still a child, this unlikely leader and military genius received a calling to transform his society from a collection of raiding tribes into one of the world's most progressive societies. His message of monotheism and righteousness motivated an entire people to abandon idolatry and spread the word of God to surrounding nations. Although he was a military genius, his greatest accomplishments came from the religion he preached: Islam, which called its adherents to lead a life of prayer, charity, and contemplation. The second largest religion in the world, both Islam's prophet and its values are today often misunderstood by adherents and outsiders alike. This concise, informative biography explores: Muhammad's background and boyhood, as well as the culture and society in which he lived A look at Muhammad as a family man, and how his personal life was a testament to his high regard for women Muhammad's mission as a prophet and his new religion's philosophy on topics ranging from monotheism to interfaith relations The Qur'an and how it was revealed, how Muslims view it in their religious life, and the concept of Jihad from Muhammad's perspective Yahiya Emerick accepted islam in 1989 and his written several books on Islam.


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