From Monogamy to Polygyny: A Way Through


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PUBLISHER: Darussalam

AUTHOR: Umm Abdur Rahman Hirschfelder & Umm Yasmeen Rahmaan

BINDING: Hardcover – excellent binding

PAGES QUALITY: 291 pages excellent quality

From Monogamy to Polygyny: A Way Through addresses the deep and complex issues and concerns the Muslim women worldwide have with polygyny. The insight offered by this book is new, unique, and encouraging. Practical advice is brought forth to aid in moving past the negative feelings that are commonly associated with polygyny, ultimately helping the Muslim woman progress to a higher level of Iman, In sha Allah. Rich with understanding, comfort, advice, motivation, clarity, examples, experiences, and answers; a way through is paved for the Muslim woman, making polygyny easier, or at the very least more endurable. Although this book is geared mainly towards women, its vast content can give men insight into the emotional affects of polygyny on women, which they can use to make sound and wise decisions. Overall, this is a valuable resource for both Muslim men and Muslim women considering, dealing with, questioning, and pondering polygyny.


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