Mecca to Medina – Muslim Board Game


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For ages 8 and above

2 – 6 players


During the Golden Age of Islam, travelers could journey from city to city without border restrictions or passport requirements. Mecca to Medina
is a riveting adventure game in which player success depends on the
strategic use of resources to complete routes between cities.

     In this battle against the elements, players navigate treacherous Trading Routes to reach their destinations. Whether headed to Baghdad, Cairo, Medina, or another distant city, the road ahead is bound to be full of opposition and challenge. But if you keep your cool, use resources wisely, and shrewdly bargain at the Bazaar, you?ll safely arrive where you intended to go.

     Heated competition among players creates challenges, as opposition arises with every roll of the dice. Players count on calculated moves to win the game. But watch out for unexpected events– a player?s progress can be upset with a simple turn of an Event Card.


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