Shining Stars Among the Prophets Companions (2 Vols)


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PUBLISHER: Darussalam

AUTHOR: Abdul basit Ahmad

BINDING: Hardcover – excellent

PAGES QUALITY: app 520 pages – excellent quality

The author has compiled in a most authentic way the life history of the 18 greatest Companions of the Prophet (S). We, at Darussalam, have published this valuable book in two volumes for the guidance of the Muslim Ummah especially for the young generation to follow them in every aspect of their life.

Darussalam is pleased to present this valuable book, `Shining Stars among the Prophet’s Companions’, in two volumes. The purpose of this book is to enlighten our youth about the lives of the greatest Companions of the Prophet . Also, we wish to increase the enthusiasm of the Muslim youth for following and adhering to their religion. In this way, these books achieve two very important tasks: educating our youth and encouraging them to be good Muslims.

Before accepting the call of a new religion, our heroes, belonged to good and humble families but they were worshipping idols of stones, elements of nature or other human beings. With the progress of the Islamic call, they became true believers who never hesitated to provide all support to the Prophet and the religion of Islam. They sacrificed all they had for the sake of spreading the call of the new religion.

Even when they were elected as a Caliph or commander of the Muslim army, they continued the same course of life they had before. They worked sincerely for Islam and never had rest until they were sure that Islam had been deeply rooted in the Arab society and other societies as well.

Let us together go through the following stories to know about these great Companions of the Prophet who played a major role in building the future of Islam.


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