The Complete Idiot&#39s Guide to Understanding Islam (2nd Editio


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PUBLISHER: Penguin (Alpha Books)

AUTHOR:Yahiya Emerick

BINDING:Paperback – excellent

PAGES:383 pages excellent

Islam may be the most misunderstood faith in history. Most of us learn little or nothing about Islam in school; in fact, our knowledge of Muslims may be restricted to news reports on the Middle East and Louis Farrakhan. Surprise – the vast majority of Muslims aren?t Arabs, the Muslim Allah is very much the ?one God? Christians and Jews believe in, many of the scientific and medical innovations we take for granted were passed on by Muslims, and the popular myths about Muslims often have little to do with the real beliefs of Islam.

CIG to Islam reveals fascinating facts about Islam, showing readers that Muslims, so often demonized in the U.S., are more like ?us? than we think; they accept both the Old and New Testaments as holy books and accept Moses and Jesus as prophets. The book offers tips on Muslim culture, actual quotes from the Qur?an, the Prophet Muhammad, and prominent scholars, and answers to questions regarding everyday life from the Muslim perspective.


-The Qur?an – the Muslim Bible or something more?
-A day in the life of a Muslim – prayers toward Mecca and keeping halal
-The Islamic dress code and life ceremonies – and Ramadan and Hajj, the two Islamic holidays
-The life of the Prophet Muhammad – and 1400 years of Islamic history
-More than one type of Muslim – the Sunnis, the Shi?as, and the Sufis
-Islam in the modern world – cultural revivalism and politics
-The other side of the coin – the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam


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