The Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba


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PUBLISHER: The Other Press (Kuala Lumpur)

AUTHOR: Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani

BINDING: Paperback – excellent

PAGES QUALITY: 154 pages – excellent quality

?The issue really is whether you think riba is bad-inherently evil, or in the language of lawyers, malum per se-or not. And there are very few things left that the modern mind considers abhorrent. When you do not recoil in revulsion from riba, you imagine all sorts of difficulties in implementation. When we demand that riba should be illegal, we are under no illusions that riba will disappear from the land. Murder is a crime, yet people are murdered. But you cannot say that because murders will not disappear, let us not make murder a crime. Similarly, there will be an underground money-lender market, as there has always been-the oldest profession is probably money-lending rather than the other profession. The point is not to eradicate from society but to make it a crime.”


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